avalon cover blurry.jpg

Project Overview

Avalon is my favorite board game. I spent countless weekends playing this game with my favorite people. 

Avalon is a Werewolf style deduction game that pits the loyal servants of King Arthur against the minions of Mordred. The loyal players must complete quests while also discovering the traitors who are attempting to sabotage their mission. 

To play this relatively complicated yet super interesting board game, we have to use a bunch of boards and a big number of cards. Thus, we often run into following problems 

No! I left game cards at home!

Ohhhhh there is one card missing!

Sorrry! I broke that card!

So, why not make an app for Avalon so people can never forget, lose or break those cards? Here goes  this project :P

Design Goals

Design a mobile app for board game Avalon so players don't have to carry a huge box of cards with them whenever they want to play. 


  • Users have already played Avalon using game cards before, this app is just an alternative to game cards. So we will skip the game tutorial part for now
  • The most valuable and fun part of this board game is that friends get to talk face to face.  Using phone is actually kind of distracting for a board game since, you know, a million apps on your phone are trying to steal your attention. So I will keep the part that requires using this app as limited as possible. 


User Testing & Iteration

I did a quick user testing with 5 potential users and found the following main problems:

  • Sometimes players are not clear which round or which step the app is on due to clear indications
  • The results for each round are kind of misleading because of the layout
  • The UI for going on mission is not exciting enough 
  • The most thrilling moment of this game is revealing the results. Players should not just look at the results separately on their phones. There should be a way to gather everyone and reveal the results together

After several rounds of iterations, I moved on to high-fidelity prototypes

Hi-fi Prototype


With the entire workflow complete, the high-fi mockups are actually ready for another round of user testing with "real games".  I will walk through the entire game with players using the prototype. I am sure I will get more insights from the play testing sessions and iterate more from there.