Project Overview

BluePay is a project I worked on at BlueStacks.  We were trying to redesign our "My BlueStacks" app, which is basically a payment profile for BlueStacks users. We incorporated new features and streamlined the user workflow based on the feedback we had collected during the past years. 

Original Design Analysis 

Existing Problems

  • doesn't support international payments
  • doesn't remember credit card information for users
  • The meaning and purpose of "SETUP PIN" is not clear to users
  • The payment workflow is not smooth 

Redesign Goals

  • Support international payment
  • Remember users' credit card information so that they can checkout faster. Provide a way for users to add and edit credit card information as well.
  • Encourage users to use "PIN" to enhance account safety

Redefine Workflow

"My BlueStacks" structure

My BlueStacks Structure.jpg

Payment Workflow


Final Design

My BlueStacks Screens

Empty States

Payment Workflow

a. New Users


b. Returned Users