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Espy is an electronics shopping app that helps you discover new products in any scenario. When a product catches your eye, use Espy to quickly know more about it and see how it fits your needs.


Other Team Members:

Ariel Norling, David Hwang, Sophie Vennix

My Role

  • Came up with the design idea
  • Created persona & storyboards
  • Created wireframes & mockup

Key Words

Ideation | Wireframe | Interface Design

December 2014 | Pittsburgh PA



Problem Definition

Nowadays, people are surrounded by kinds of electronic devices everyday. What’s more, the wearable technology is taking the world into new realms, making technology personal and seamless to use. We can see the need of electronics increasing everyday. Specifically, we paid special attention to senior citizens who are more health conscious and might look to new technology to monitor their their health. So, how can we design a mobile app to help the senior citizens, who might be not tech savvy enough, to find the right digital device they want?


Our target users  group is senior citizens, who have an increasing demand of electronics, especially the health-related wearables that are more and more popular recently. However, oftentimes they are not technically savvy enough to browse through all the online information to get what they want. Thus, our app is designed to help them find an efficient shopping way.


  • 57, married, has grown kids and small grandchildren
  • Slightly overweight, has hypertension
  • Getting fit to lose weight, feel attractive despite aging, and shut up her doctor 
  • Just wants the tracker to work without her doing much and show her weight loss progress
  • Doesn't want to look like she's wearing a computer on her wrist 



Design Process

User Interview

We conducted interviews with senior citizens to learn about their shopping behavior and gained valuable insights for our design.  







Screen Sketch


Final Design


We designed two ways for our users to discover what they want.  One is by taking a picture, precisely, by scanning the product. Oftentimes, people, especially senior people, have difficulty describing the product and coming up with the key words to search online. Thus, just point your camera at the electronic device you want! Our app will do the rest for you! The second, our app will automatically recommend products for you based on the preference information you input when signing up. Here we showcase the example of people shopping wearables. The features that people are looking for will be highlighted in the description of the product they browse.

Scanning the product

Scanning the product

Preference profile example : shopping fitness band

Preference profile example : shopping fitness band


On your personalized home page, we recommend the products for you based on your preferences. You can also browse the popular items and filter them by price and rating.

Product Details

We present the product details using intuitive icons. Text explanation of the features will show up after tapping the icons. Moreover, the features that fit your personal needs would be highlighted. 

Clickable Mockup



  • Start small. We got many great ideas when brainstorming so we tried to create a fully-fledged app to satisfy more user needs. However, with too many features,  it was hard for our key functionality, which was to locate the product by taking a picture, to stand out. So we decided to start small and might add relevant features according to user feedback.
  • Design for the users who are harder to satisfy. We chose the senior citizen group as our target user because we found the baby boomer market a desirable market. It turned out our app could also serve the younger generations well since they also preferred efficient and easy interactions though they might be relatively more digitally savvy.