Aug 2018 - Present

@BlueStacks, Bay Area


BlueStacks App Player is a mobile gaming platform where gamers are able to play mobile games on their PCs. The product has reached a relatively mature stage with 300M+ users in over 200 countries. So for the past year, we added several features that were more monetization-oriented. However, we realized that new users would be easily overwhelmed by these features. Therefore for BlueStacks 4, we decided to streamline the on-boarding experience for new users with BlueStacks Levels, guiding users to explore BlueStacks features at their own pace.

My Role

I worked as product manager and designer for this project. My responsibility included:

  • Collected information on existing problems and possible solutions from different stakeholders

  • Worked with upper management to define roadmap and vision for the new feature

  • Defined product requirements and user workflows

  • Created wireframes and work with a graphic designer to produce pixel perfect designs

  • Worked with engineering team to implement the design

  • Defined, monitor and analyzed the metrics to further improve the product

Existing Problems

User Side

Current User Journey

  • Users were confused because they were landed on our promotion page, when they came to our product to play games

  • Users were overwhelmed by too many features on our product

  • Pushing notifications while users were playing games were disturbing and ineffective

Business Side

  • Quests and BlueStacks World events contribute to a big part of our revenue. We need to promote these events to more users.

  • A lot of users only use our product once. We need to bring users back and further convert them to core users


To solve these problems, we need to:

  1. Provide a simple and clean experience for new users, so that they can easily figure out how to play their games on BS

  2. Progressively introduce our features to users

  3. Build trust with new users first and slowly convert them into core users who can bring in revenue

user funnel.png

User funnel

MVP Product

We decided to work on the first 10 levels as our MVP product. And the first 10 levels will mostly be onboarding levels where we introduce our features and get users familiar with the concept of leveling up



Gamified onboarding experience

As a gaming platform, gamification always plays an important role in our product. If we want to guide users through our features one by one, levels is a natural way of doing this. Based on our past experience, gamers love challenges and tasks! So to level up, users will have to complete tasks, which will get users familiar with our features.

How can we make more users interested in leveling up?

Internal triggers:

points locked.jpg

Curiosity. When you level up, you will be able to unlock features. Unlocking makes the features more valuable to users.

Level 9.jpg

Challenges. Based on our past experiment, our users love collecting cards and compete with each other. So on higher levels, we decided to add a card collection mechanism to challenge our users.

External Triggers:

Reward Center.jpg

Rewards. We provide rewards to users when they level up.

Level 1.jpg

Showing off. We added a leaderboard so that users will be able to see how other people are doing

How do we bring users back?

Waking up dormant users is a project that we have been working on for a while. We experimented on sending different messages to users to remind them to get back to our platform. Based on our past user feedback, we learned that the messages have to be personalized and intimate. Otherwise users will feel like being spammed.

So we decided to bring in the concept of pets, who will send messages to users bring them back.

Dormant message_bottom1.jpg
Dormant message_bored.jpg
pet_posted on_FB.jpg

Soft Release

We released levels together with BlueStacks 4 without intentionally leading users to levels page, just to collect initial round of feedback on this new feature. We will roll out new versions to further improve it. Here are some major updates that we are working on:

  • Changing the point system to be level based to further incentivize users to level up

  • Change the task for level 2 since we saw users stuck at level 2

  • Experiment with level icons to see what kind of icons could attract more users to come to levels page.