My Family, an app that makes you feel close to your family even when thousands of miles apart


My Family is a social app designed for young professionals who are not able to keep family company due to long distance and busy schedule. Nowadays, more and more people go to school or work at a city that is far away from their hometown. And it is really hard for them to take good care of their parents. "My family" will remind you to contact your parents in a fun way. You can either chat or play games with your family on the app. Also, the app  provides real-time information about your parents' life and personalized gift recommendations. 


Other team members 

Bangguo Yun, Wenhuan Chang

My Role

  • UX Lead: Manage a team of three
  • Conducted interviews
  • Came up with the design idea 
  • Created the personas, wireframes & prototypes
  • Conducted usability sessions

Key Words

User Research | Prototype | User Testing 

May 2014 | Beijing, China


Problem Definition

The rapid advancement of technology and transportation is changing the world drastically. People can easily travel around the world and be in a place thousands miles away in a few hours. More and more people are studying or working far away from their hometown, which means, people have more long-distance relationship to manage. However, long-distance relationship is hard problem for many people, especially for college students and young professionals who are occupied by work everyday. Thus, how can we design a mobile app that helps people maintain the long-distance yet intimate relationship with their family and friends? 


I feel like I should have Skyped with my parents more often but I am just too busy.
  • Mandy, a senior student at Columbia University
  • Taking 5 courses this semester, doing a part-time job at the same time
  • Use Skype to keep in touch with her parents, who are in Beijing, China
  • " I really value family and friends but recently I felt bad about myself getting in touch with them less and less"


Final Design

Fun Reminder 

The main feature of our app is to remind people when they are supposed to get in touch with their family more frequently. We try to use an intuitive and interesting way to visualize how frequent people are contacting with their family.

As shown above,  on the home page, we use a tree to visualize users' behavior. If they have not contacted their parents for a long time, the leaves would start to fall off and users will get notifications.


"My Family" is a private space exclusively for you and your family. We include several personalized features, namely chat, gift and game, to creates better interaction within your family. 

Clikable Mockup